A simple backup/search tool for your Facebook news feed.
Once you have logged in below, click Backup to start backing up your Facebook feed. Backup is done in batches of 200 which will take 10-20 seconds each. Backup file line count and last status date will be updated at regular 5 second intervals. Once the backup is complete a link to your backup file will be shown and you can then search the file. To search for dates use the format YYYY-MM-DD, so for example to search for all the posts made to your wall in August 2011 search for "2011-08". Note that it is not possible to link to posts older than Sept 2008. Note also that any post that you delete from Facebook after a back up will remain in the backup.
Deleting your backup file can be useful if it has become corrupted or you believe that there are missing posts, as well as to ensure your privacy.

Grepbook source. Written by Jamie Kitson. Inspired by Greptweet.